Links to National Rules and Other Materials


LEAGUE POLICY / BYLAWS: Click here to view general information and policy which includes  Office Hours, Rescheduling Matches, Paperwork Pickup, Playoffs and the Wildcard, Awards, Trophies, Junior League, Etc.
TEAM ROSTER    Click here to download your Roster.
TRACKING WEEKLY TEAM FEES    Click here to download the weekly tracking chart.
SKILL LEVEL EVALUATION REQUEST   Click here to download the form.   
MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION Download and print the player membership application.  Please fill out all information especially the section that asks if you have ever played before and where. 
HOW TO SPEED UP WEEKLY LEAGUE PLAY  As a general reference, 8 ball play should take no longer than 3 1/2 hours from start to finish; and 9 ball play should take no longer than 3 hours.  Please read the attached flyer and educate your players. Get them in the habit of staying within the time period. During higher level tournaments teams face sudden death if they go over the time period.  This in many cases can hamper a team.  
IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO TEAMS THAT QUALIFY FOR JUNE DISTRIBUTOR  This letter is distributed to teams who qualify for June Distributor.  This detailed information provides teams with a clearer understanding of the rules regarding eligibility and requirements necessary to maintain their eligibility.
Under-Rated? Over-Rated? or Skill Level "Perception" ?  Help determine the right judgment call...
8 BALL SCORE SHEET WITH THE NEW 3 POINT SCORING SYSTEM  Click here for a "blank" score sheet. 
8 BALL SCOREKEEPING USING THE 3 POINT SCORING SYSTEM  Everyone can quickly and easily learn how to keep score.